Career Profile

Hi! 👋 I’m a senior freelance engineer and open-source contributor who’ve been building mobile, web and software solutions for the past 15 years in multiple industries including the Medical/Health Industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Adult Industry, Social Media, SaaS, VoIP, VPN, Web Hosting, E-Commerce & Marketing, ERPs, Automobile, Metallurgy and more.

🌟 Areas of Expertise 🌟

NodeJS, TypeScript, React/Native, PHP / Laravel / Symfony, C# / VB / .NET, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, MongoDB, VueJS, Angular, Ionic, Bootstrap, SCSS, REST APIs, DigitalOcean, AWS (Lambda, EC2, S3, RDS and more), Firebase, Linux server configuration/administration and much more.

👨‍💻 Why Choose Me 👨‍💻

I focus not only on delivering value, but I also improve all the projects I work on with my expertise in marketing, design and all around highly diverse background. I really enjoy helping solo founders turn their dream project into reality or revamping old janky code bases into something solid and future proof.

I encourage you to take a look at my work history and other related profiles. (I’m active on GitHub, StackOverflow and LinkedIn)

Contact me at anytime, thanks for checking out my profile! 👋


Lead Software Engineer

2022 - Present
Tap to Tie (Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

Lead engineering efforts, give technical advice, plan and execute. Build what is needed to help the company move forward and to help separate them from the competition.

Tech Lead / Full-Stack Software Engineer

2021 - 2022
NOVO - Physical & Digital Product Development + Medical Devices (Trois-Rivières, Canada)

Plan, evaluate, develop and manage development of embedded systems on medical hardware devices. Resolve complex engineering problems. Support software, firmware and hardware engineers. Generate documentation for existing projects. Bridge communication between engineers, consultants and clients.

Back-End Engineer / Project Manager

2018 - 2019
VoiceMeUp / Internet Infinity (Remote; Laval, Canada)

Plan upcoming projects, split projects into tasks and assign proper estimates to them. Develop new APIs, database maintenance scripts, accounting & billing scripts, external API integrations and user-friendly interfaces. Communicate with clients and leverage priorities in an Agile context. Demonstrate results to stakeholders and improve based on feedback.

Technical Lead

2015 - Present
Radio Talbot (Remote; Longueuil, Canada)

Keep the video platform updated with latest episodes, sponsors, game reviews, gadget reviews and more. Develop & maintain a web video hosting platform. Handle back-end video processing via FFMPEG. Integrate multiple external APIs into a single platform. Administer and optimize server instances to deliver millions requests a year.

Lead Full-Stack Engineer

2014 - 2016
UnoTelly (Remote; Toronto, Canada)

Improve the existing client-facing website. Develop Electron & Cordova-based applications, REST APIs and payment gateways. Research new technologies for upcoming projects. Teach about the on-going projects to new employees. Participate in project development and marketing-oriented meetings.

Senior Software Consultant / Owner

2012 - Present
Brainpad Consulting (Trois-Rivières, Canada)

Provide on-demand and on-site consultancy for multiple organizations. Develop in-house projects for a wider public audience. Research new technologies and apply them in a production context. Develop custom solutions for mobile, web and software platforms.

Back-End Software Engineer

2011 - 2012
6i Solution inc. (Trois-Rivières, Canada)

Build a suite of enterprise resource planning tools & solutions using VB.NET & C#. Deal with multiple client requests by phone. Work in a big team and follow strict Agile guidelines to deliver fast incremental improvements. Redact usage manuals, technical papers and documentation. Support software suite that is deployed to big US steel manufacturers. Work in a totally bilingual environment.

System Administrator / Software Engineer

2011 - 2011
Savico Ltd. (Berthierville, Canada)

Build Windows servers & workstations. Maintain these servers & workstations. Support the office staff with their daily needs. Plan & develop custom enterprise resource planning tools and other in-shop production-oriented software. Deploy & support multiple Symcod data acquisition terminals.

Programmer Analyst

2008 - 2010
Egzakt (Trois-Rivières, Canada)

Project analysis, marketing, web design integration, web development and mobile app development. Work on the development of multiple well-known public facing websites for big Quebec media organizations. Deal with multiple clients requests. Demonstrate and explain projects to stakeholders.


Aiva AI Virtual Assistant - An empowered artificial intelligence that’s faster and smarter than any search engine. Built on OpenAI API (GPT-3 LLM), React Native (TypeScript), Google Cloud Services and Apple SDKs.
Polycast - Cross-platform application I built from the ground up. Front-end built using Ionic (Angular) & Cordova. Also built the REST API back-end using Node & MongoDB.

Listen to your favorite podcasts on any device without ever losing progress. Finally, a true cross-platform alternative to the big guys.
Plantbook - Native iOS application built using Swift and Objective-C.

Plantbook helps you take care of your precious plants so that they live longer, grow faster and never lack water once again.
Radio Talbot - Official website I built for a locally famous TV host using Laravel, MySQL & FFMPEG. I handled a lot of API integrations (Twitch, Vimeo and SoundCloud) and FFMPEG-related tasks to prepare videos for the public.

Radio Talbot has been broadcasting for more than 10 years. Every week, Denis Talbot talks about technology, esports and gaming industry news with his numerous contributors.

Skills & Proficiency

JavaScript & TypeScript

Node, Express, etc.

React & React Native

PHP & Frameworks

SQL & NoSQL Databases

C#, Visual Basic, .NET

Linux Server

Objective-C & Swift

Bash & Python